Month: September 2015

Top 10 Aviation World Records

The cost for a proposed fleet of 28 VH71 Kestrel helicopters was estimated at a record $13.2 billion (£8.7 billion), making it the most expensive helicopter in the world. The programme was stopped in February 2009 for the re-evaluation of different cost options. The aircraft with the highest standard maximum take-off weight is the Antonov An-225 “Mriya” (Dream) originally built at 600 tonnes (1.32 million lb). In 2000-2001 its floor was strengthened resulting in an increased maximum take-off weight of 640 tonnes (1.41 million lb). A heavy-lift version of the standard Antonov An-124 “Ruslan” cargo plane, only two of...

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Facebook Developed Drone to Provide Internet to Billion People

Facebook Tested  Internet Drone in Britain The concept of unmanned aircraft is getting popular i era. The drones are being used for various purposes such as traffic surveillance, border control and even for pizza delivering pizza. The Aquila is the drone made by Facebook’s year-old Connectivity Lab (FB, Tech30). The lab has been working on new technology as part of the Facebook’s mission to “connect everyone in the world.” Approximately 4 billion people don’t have the privilege of accessing the Internet, and 10% of the world’s population lacks the basic infrastructure required to get online. To reach these people, Facebook is working...

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Aerobatic Flying:Admixture of Freewill and Adrenaline

  Aerobatics is the amalgamation of two words i.e. Aerial and Acrobatics. Aerobatic is the practice of flying maneuvers that involves flying an aircraft at ridiculous angles that are not used in normal flight. Aerobatics are performed in airplanes and gliders for training, entertainment, and sport. Additionally, some helicopters, such as Westland Lynx are capable of performing loops and rolls. Aerobatics flying gives freedom to adrenaline junkies to test their limits and also test their aircraft structural strength. Every loops or spin takes a toll on a pilot’s body. The fitness level required is higher than what is needed...

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