At the beginning of an individual career cabin crew is not always a first and foremost option .Mostly everyone keeps an alternate career of their choice depending if they fail to get their dream jobs. Now what if someone who never gave a thought to be a cabin crew and completely oblivious of entire working of aviation world and cabin crew duties. He or she might do his research with the help of up to date media but still to get a inside story is little different even if one has done extensive research. A individual from completely different background make up his or her mind to be an cabin crew could be for 3 reason first : the person likes to travel a lot and becoming a cabin crew requires lots of travelling, second : The glamour façade ,Every airline carries a reputation when they fly… and they will put every effort to maintain their standards by attracting flyers through their infrastructure and good looking employees so it becomes obvious their employee must look extravagantly  similar to celebrities. Third: This is a very rare trait found in individual that is the service attitude, People say they want to serve others saying and becoming is 2 different things but yeah minority of individual do want to serve others.

The big question arises whether an individual can completely migrate from one field of expertise to cabin crew world and does airline expects relevant aviation experience from a candidate. The answer lies within a candidate

Make your experience fit for the cabin crew job

It could be a daunting task but certainly not impossible. Even if individual holds so much of experience but if he is not able to read interviewers thought then your effort could go in vain. The real trick is to keep analysing what airline really wants from a candidate fits for cabin crew job. This can be understood by examining the duties cabin crew performs in their day-to-day life. Out of all excellent customer service is on the priority list of an airline and every other job apart from cabin crew requires customer interaction so this makes one task easy by making your resume compatible for airlines highlighting the traits of customer service i.e. professionalism, friendly approach, ability to follow instruction and many more….this will keep recruiters glued to the candidates .

Look back through time…

If you still think you do not contain ample Customer Service experience then you are still on a wrong track. A little overview on your previous job experience will help you a lot every company wants to serve customers efficiently and according to their needs, even a teacher-giving lesson to his pupil is serving so every organization working requires customer interaction internally. It is the same skill circulating everywhere but in improvised way

To make it easy lets go through an example….

Job profile: Childcare and administration both is different field and a complete set of different skills is required in both jobs. Child care is some tricky task to handle where the care taker should be punctual fulfil the needs of a child on time, anticipate his requirement before hand , resolve child conflicts on the other hand administration works require dedication , punctuality , a proper and effective communication with colleagues with fellow co workers a friendly approach to resolve conflicts if any occurs and being diplomatic at some instance.

There are many things an individual can do with true introspection about himself .One should learn the art of making things fit for himself not bounded with conditions and extremities of situation….