Honda Jet HA-420

Honda has been a symbol for consistency and innovation. It is one of the most trusted brands in the world. To most, Honda is a maker of the every car — affordable, safe, practical, fuel efficient road transportation that neither excites nor offends. To some, it’s also a maker of motorcycles. To a few, it’s the maker of Asimo, the perennially entertaining humanoid robot that makes appearances at trade shows. No one would peg Honda as a maker of futuristic jet aircraft, though.

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Engines Manufacturer / Model GE Honda / HF120

External Dimensions:                                       Interior Cabin Dimensions

Height            4.80 ft [1.46 m]                                 Height             14.90 ft [4.54 m]

Length           17.80 ft [5.43 m]                                Wing Span      39.76 ft [12.12m]

Width             5.00 ft [1.52 m]                                  Length            42.62 ft [12.99m]


The Honda Aircraft Company has recreated the business jet from the ground up with a truly clean sheet design. By mounting engines over the wing, designing Natural Laminar Flow for the wing and fuselage, and applying other innovations, the Honda Jet outperforms all other aircraft in its class. The culmination of cutting-edge innovation makes the Honda Jet the world’s most advanced light business jet. It climbs and cruises faster, soars higher, offers more room and less noise, and uses less fuel.

Honda jet performance


Maximum Cruise Speed @ FL300  -420 KTAS   (777km/hr)speed-chartfuel-burn-estimates






 *Faster than any business jet in its class with a maximum cruise speed of 420 KTAS at 30,000 feet.

Advance Cockpit

Honda jet cockpit

The Honda Jet cockpit is built for optimum safety based on thoughtful ergonomic design and state-of-the-art situational awareness. First, it provides the pilot more space and greater visibility; next, fewer intrusions and more intuition. The Garmin® G3000 next-generation all-glass avionics system brings pilot and aircraft closer together with touch-screen technology. The dual touch-screen controllers and three 14-inch landscape high-resolution displays offer enhanced navigation, flight planning, and control. The cockpit is unquestionably built around the pilot to enable either single-pilot or dual-pilot operation of the Honda Jet.

External Baggage Space

Honda jet buggage


It’s called cabin space, and Honda Jet provides more of it than any other jet in its class. But for passengers, it’s much more than a cabin. It’s a workspace, thinking space, quiet space, and a relaxing space. These are the true inspirations behind the Honda Jet’s interior and why Honda designers meticulously considered every detail — from the completely adjustable executive seating to the fully private lavatory and a host of other modern amenities.Honda jet interior


Cabin Configuration:

Alternative configuration-1 crew + 6 passengers (2 crew + 5 passengers)comfort-quiet-interior




Typical configuration -1 crew + 5 passengers (2 crew +   4 passengers)