Job Options for Low Hours Pilots

Everyone once in their life thought of having wings and to fly away from all this, but there are few lucky ones who get the chance to fly in the air above the clouds in a man-made machine we call AIRPLANES. There is something magical about flying that fascinates everyone, but there are many who have wings (pilot license) are still waiting for magic to happen. Aviation industry is not doing well and opportunities created are far less than the job seekers. A Commercial Pilot Training requires intense training with lots of hard work, failure risk and money involved. After putting so much time and money if one cannot pursue his/her dream that hurts. Most of the junior pilots with less than 300 hours only think about becoming an Airline pilot. There are many unorthodox jobs related to flying which can help you in building hours and keep you in the air.

1.Bush flying

It is the most common way to build hours and provide good opportunity for low hour pilot.

We will discuss below in detail about everything you need to know about bush flying.


It might not be a glamorous job, but banner-towing pilots are highly skilled and often fly around water, beaches and sporting events.

3.Tow Glider

If you’re in an area with numerous glider operations, you might consider becoming a tow pilot. Towing gliders is also a great way to hone your skills.

4.  Fly Skydivers

For pilots with a CPL flying skydivers is a popular option in order to build hours. Like tow pilots, jump pilots must be adept at multi-tasking and must remain focused at flying safely and keeping the jumpers safe at all times. It can be a demanding job.

5.  Fly Aerial Photographers

Aerial photography isn’t as common as some of the other time-building methods, but it is quite fun and skilful job. As an aerial photographer pilot, you’ll likely fly low and slow over customer’s properties, buildings and landmarks.