The job of ground staff is vast and varied. They have to perform various works from commercial to technical handling for safe and steady departure and arrival of an aircraft. The individuals working in ground duty branch are often known as ‘ground crew’ or Ground Staff. They work at airports to keep airplanes running efficiently. From welcoming passengers to an aircraft’s take-off, airport ground staff and air operations personnel play a crucial role in areas such as commercial activities, airline operations and the running of airports.

Ground staff also refers to people who work in the airport terminal itself. Some ground staff is responsible for inspecting, storing and transporting luggage, while others stock the aircraft with food and beverage items that are distributed during flight. Some ground staff members work directly with customers to answer questions and provide information regarding flight times, delays and any general queries the customer has before boarding. Ground staff work with the aircraft, crew and customers to ensure each flight is safe and enjoyable.


The role of a ground crew demands for dynamism and professionalism. However, one cannot perform all the various duties in airport. Ground crew responsibilities are divided into 2 broad categories.

Commercial Role:

Inside the airport terminal:

– Checking passengers in for flights
– Re-routing or re-booking passengers whose flights have been cancelled or delayed
– Assisting disabled passengers or those travelling with young children
– Giving passengers up-to-date information on flights
– Assisting passengers with all enquiries, including lost or delayed baggage
– Assisting staff in carrying out security checks as and when the situation arises
– Delivering high levels of customer service to passengers and those travelling through the airport

Outside the airport terminal:

– Handling all the loading and uploading of passenger bags from the aircraft
– Helping direct passengers on to and off the aircraft
– Directing landed aircraft to taxi spots
– Providing services such as steps from the aircraft for passengers and crew to disembark the aircraft


Technical Role:

-Coordinating and managing staff around the aircraft during its stopover
-Draft and hand over the necessary documents for the flight to the aircraft captain
-Preparation of the flight plan, fuel, weather condition and other important information
-Management of take-off slots with air traffic organizations
-Management of the airline network and fleet

Eligibility criteria:

As a fresher, the requirement is basic but one cannot take it for granted as ground handling agency looks for various aspects in individual.

-Minimum 12th or a Graduate from recognized university and boards.

-Age 18 to 27 years

-Pleasing personality

-Sometimes Ground handling agency prefers bilingual with English as one core language and native

Language of that country

-If one has some level of experience in his field of expertise whether technical or customer related have

Added advantages

Salary package:

At the beginning, the salary is not handsome as one expects but once individual derives, experience and becomes efficient in his work will definitely excels in this field in his later years.

Major Ground handling agencies and future in Indian aviation:

Indian carriers currently self-handle the majority of their domestic and international operations. The primary customers of third party handlers in India are foreign airlines, who are not permitted to self-handle. This is supplemented by some under-the-wing activities for Indian carriers. CAPA estimates the third party handling market was worth around USD200-220 million in FY2013.

However, under the incoming policy Indian carriers will no longer be permitted to self-handle at the six metro airports or at Cochin, and will be required to appoint one of the licensed handlers at each airport for both terminal and ramp handling.

This would open up a significantly larger market opportunity for third party providers. New business for third party handlers could be worth an additional USD130 million per annum.

The size of India’s contestable ground handling market could increase to up to USD350 million almost overnight

Authorised Ground Handlers at the Six Metro Airports

Metro Airport Authorised Ground Handlers
Delhi AISATSBird – Worldwide Flight ServicesCambata AviationCelebi Ground Handling Delhi
Mumbai Air IndiaCambata AviationCelebi-NAS Airport Services India
Chennai Air IndiaBhadra InternationalCambata Aviation
Bangalore AISATSGlobeGround
Hyderabad AISATSMenzies Bobba Ground Handling
Kolkata Air IndiaBhadra International

Source: CAPA Research