Grab your first Pilot job in Susi Air

Susi Air is based in  Pangandaran, West Java, Indonesia and it operates both scheduled and charter flights. Sixty operations are based on commercial regular routes and rest as charter. Susi Air is one of the largest charter operators in Indonesia. They have vast and diversified fleet which creates new jobs for low hour pilot every year. The fleet includes-

1 Do228 Dornier 228 Multi-Engine Turboprop (Java Routes),
3 P180 Piaggio Avanti Business Turboprops,
35 C208B Cessna Grand Caravans (most with Garmin 1000),
9 PC6 Pilatus Porter Single STOL Turboprops,
1 AT802 Air Tractor “Fuel Hauler”,
2 A109 Agusta Helicopters. (Jakarta Halim, Medan, Balikpapan, Kupang)

pilot job in susi air

Susi Air main goal is to connect remote areas to mid-sized hubs, from where international flights are easily accessible.

This is a great place for time building (before you hit your first jet job) and gets paid for it but don’t expect too much salary. Environment is completely different from what you have flown before. Normal flights are rare as there are no hard surface runways in Papua and weather can be bit moody. The freedom of flying out here is more enjoyable  than sipping on a coffee in a big jet.

Work Culture in Susi Air:

Typical day at works start at 5.30 or so and an average flight last for 30 mins. Longest light is 1.40 hours one way and shortest can be for 12 mins. One can do 4-6 round trip in day flying through mountain strip and back to home. Sometimes you might do a multi-hop flight, flying to one airstrip, dropping some stuff off, then flying to another airstrip, before returning. You’re working pretty hard most of the time, logging about 5 hours per day. Most of the airstrips are oriented with an uphill landing, so you’d be landing with tailwinds later in the day. From about 10am onward, you’ll start to get these winds. But the best part is you can be done by 1pm in the afternoon, so that you have whole day with you to enjoy yourself. You will get plenty of time for fun and they are various activities like Jet Ski, kayaking, fish food etc. Most of the pilots are young so the work environment is pretty jazz up.

Susi air airstrip

For Non-Indonesian Passport Holder:

  1. Minimum total hours of 750 aircraft time.
  2. at least ICAO CPL SEL and IR (current). FAA mother license is preferable.
  3. Have a copy of examiner’s report or check form of the latest flight review/ check ride/ proficiency check of the SEL rating and still valid for at least 6 months.
  4. First Class medical (current), no restriction except for corrective glasses.
  5. License verification letter with current information from authority AND accident and incident-free report from authority.
  6. Copy of logbook in the last three months with verification stamp or signature from chief pilot or flight instructor.
  7. Free from any form of color blindness and passed the Ishihara Color Test – Indonesian authority only accept the Ishihara Color Blind Test.
  8. Minimum of level 5 ICAO English proficiency test.
  9. Valid passport minimum 24 months left
  10. Comprehensive CV

Restriction of Foreign Employees (Pilot)

Indonesian DGCA has issued a circular which stated non-Indonesian passport holder pilot will not be issued an Indonesian License effective per October, 2013.

Pilot will be issued a Validation instead which will have up to 12 month’s validity.

Salary and Perks:

Starting salary would be in the range of $700-$800 per month, going up to $2,200-$2,600 per month for Caravan Captains. These are after tax numbers. All other facilities will be provided by company itself. So you can save plenty for holidays or Type rating.