Tips to get your first aviation job in India

The economy is down so is the aviation industry making it difficult to secure a right job. More ever the supply of trained manpower is more than the requirement. Seating at home, cursing companies, government and other is not going to get you anywhere. If you need a job only you need to find it because no one else can or will do it for you.

But if your genuinely good, have passion for aviation and stick long enough, it might take some time but you will be able to find the right job.

Don’t only look for job in scheduled airlines they are other options too like charter operators and other small aviation companies.

With this post our aim is to provide you guidance on maximizing your chances of getting employed in aviation.

  1. Keep checking company’s websites career page and job portals for latest job openings: This may sound obvious, but most of the people stop checking websites for few visits. When did you last checked?
  2. Send your CV: Gather a database of hr departments of aviation companies and keep sending them your CV every few months. They may not have vacancy suitable for you right now but may be in future.
  3. Walk in with you CV: Small aviation companies, private and charter aircraft operator in India generally don’t publish their vacancies they generally hire first person they found eligible for the job and to be in their list it’s important to go to their office and submit your resume. And don’t just drop your resume their, try to meet someone who hold an important designation like chief pilot, or director in the company, so next time they have a requirement they remember you as a confident person suitable for the job.

Getting an appointment to meet someone senior may not be easy but it’s worth the try.

  1. Stay in Touch: Aviation is a small world. You never know who might be able to help you secure your next job. So always remain in contact with your fellow aviator and other people whom do you know in aviation field.
  2. Build your network: As mentioned above small aviation companies and charter operators generally don’t publish vacancy, so If you wish to get a job with small general aviation or charter operator it’s important to build your network of contacts to be the first and only one to know about vacancy.
  3. Research and stay current with aviation: Find out which companies are expanding their fleet. Which non scheduled and private operators are buying new aircrafts? Which new companies are starting up?

If they are expending or starting up they will defiantly require new people. Walk up to them or send in your cv.

  1. Find an alternate aviation job: Even after doing all the above you are unable to find a job suitable for your qualification then try to get a job your are over qualified for. Example: if are a commercial pilot licence holder and unable to find a job as a Pilot then start working as a operations manager, or sales manager with some aviation company, salary may be low but this definitely going to help you in getting your dream job as you will gain experience, contacts and knowledge of how aviation industry work.

Do mention in you CV that you are willing to work in operations or other department apart from the post you have applied for.

It’s just a start, we will continue updating more such post and resources, keep visiting our website